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BE THE CAUSE- Healing Human Disconnect

Be The Cause simply means that we are the cause of the outcome of our lives. By setting our intentions into effect, we become the creators of the solutions to our problems.



After 30 years of working with people and as a clinical psychologist since 1996, I discovered that the process of therapy can be greatly shortened by creating an easy-to-follow Mind Map. This therapeutic tool is the backbone to the Be The Cause System.The System is designed to take you through a process.
FROM: THE PROBLEM—and how it was created


THROUGH: THE PROCESS—and the dismantling of the problem


TO: THE SOLUTION—and the pathway to healing.


I have been using the Mind Map to solve addictions, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of Human Disconnect. I’m thrilled to discover how quickly and effectively paradigm shifts and resolutions occur, and most importantly, how effectively people can continue to use the Mind Map to create change in their own lives … WITHOUT ME!


As your psychologist and guide, it is my pleasure to share with you my System and help you  Be The Cause of creating solutions to your everyday problems.
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