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by drjudy on November 10, 2010


Posted Nov. 5, 2010 at 9:05 a.m.

By Adam Popescu, Beverly Hills Courier

Dr. Judy Rosenberg is kicking it. Smoking that is.

The psychologist and author of Kick It, a guide to quitting smoking, is working to revive her message, teaming with electronic cigarette company Never Light Again to help smokers kick the habit for good.

“I believe that the e-cigarette in combination with the stop smoking plan is going to be the cutting edge way of transitioning out of smoking,” Rosenberg said. “I know that this is the cutting edge way for smokers to smoke and kick the habit. I’m the only Psychologist incorporating this method.”

Rosenberg advocates use of the e-cigarette as a tool for smokers to quit their habit. That cigarette substitute, along with her new e-book The Habit Breakers Kick It! Plan form the backbone of her treatment. The e-book covers weight gain, relapse prevention, and many other smoking related topics.

“What I intend to get out of this project is to let smokers know that there is an easy way to kick this habit and lose the desire to resume,” she said. “Nicotine withdrawal only lasts 48-72 hours and can be managed with education. They key to long term success is relapse prevention, covered in the e-book.”

While not FDA approved, the e-cigarette is very safe according to the CDC and other health agencies, Rosenberg said. Over 1,000 young people start smoking daily, with over 50 million smokers worldwide.

In 1980, Rosenberg started the Habit Breakers Clinic, and in 1986 wrote a self-help book on kicking the habit. Kick It, based on the cold turkey approach, sold over a quarter of a million copies. Rosenberg holds a Ph.D and Master’s in psychology from the California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles and a BA in psychology from UCLA. Her Doctoral Dissertation, the Effects Of A Mood-Altering Treatment On The Success Rate And Depression Level Of Smokers Who Want To Stop Smoking led her on a life-long journey to deal with this issue.

During the 1980s, Rosenberg set up stop smoking programs at her alma mater Beverly Hills High School, where she lectured on prevention.

“I think that this plan using the e-cigarette is the most important smoking cessation breakthrough we have in our hands,” she said. “The bottom line is that people don’t want to lose the pleasure, just the pain. Now they can stop smoking, retain the pleasure principle, and either use the cold turkey or gradual withdrawal method to do so.”

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